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Discord is a male draconequus. He is a canon character and is often seen around the Mane Six What About Discord? (titled What About Discord by some sources) is the twenty-second episode of the fifth season of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the one hundred and thirteenth episode overall. The title and plot are a parody of the 1991 comedy film What About Bob?. Twilight Sparkle returns from a three-day weekend and finds that her friends have become close to Discord, making her. Wikia's beginner's guide • How this wiki works • Index Twitter Go to these sites for info or for help with your own wiki! Arthur • The Backyardigans • DC Animated Universe • The Fairly OddParents • Hanna-Barbera • Inspector Gadget • Jimmy Neutron • Kim Possible • Lalaloopsy • The Lion Guard • LoliRock • Looney Tunes • Mia and Me • Mickey and Friends • My Little. Discord is a draconequus, element of Chaos. He lives in Chaos in Ponyville, but like Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, also appears in Canterlot, where he stays in Canterlot Castle. He was added in the version 2.4 update. Like Celestia and Luna, he can drop one of each type of element shards Discord is a male draconequus and former antagonist of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, introduced in season two. Princess Celestia explains that Discord is the spirit of chaos and disharmony who once ruled over Equestria in a state of unrest and unhappiness, until she and Princess Luna used the Elements of Harmony to imprison him in stone

Discord is a recurring character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He started out as one of the major antagonists, but then became a supporting protagonist after becoming friends with the Mane Six; especially Fluttershy. He is voiced by John de Lancie, who also played Q and Santa Claus. When disguised as Grogar, he is voiced by Doc Harris Discord surprised to learn that he hadn't ruined Twilight and Cadence's day. Discord ironically getting sick after being sneezed on by a Tatzulworm. Discord greeting the Mane 6 (whilst impersonating Mary Poppins) Daughter of Discord is a sequel to the Fanfiction Bride of Discord and is written by DisneyFanatic2364, consisting of twenty threechapters that she heavily based in Disney movies. She also wrote a Sequel titled Son In Law Of Discord 1 Summary 2 Audio Drama 3 Gallery 4 External Links The story begins three months after Discord and Fluttershy's marriage when the latter realizes that she is. Bride of Discord is a fanfiction by DisneyFanatic2364 consisting of eighteen chapters that she heavily based of Beauty and the Beast and The Bride of the Lindorm King using Fluttershy and Discord as the respective Beauty and Beast Discord is a recurring character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He is a Draconequus and spirit of Disharmony who was imprisoned in stone more than a thousand years ago due to the chaos he caused in Equestria

Discord is a character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He is one of Twilight 's best friends and Fluttershy 's best friend The history of Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Princess Celestia explains to Twilight and her friends that Discord once took over Equestria and caused chaos throughout for earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi alike. Nobody dared stand up to his horrendous rule until Luna and Celestia discovered the Elements of Harmony and used them to turn him to stone, and reclaim the throne.

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  1. Discord Manipulation Eris/Discordia (Greco-Roman Mythology) goddess of chaos, strife, discord and confusion enjoyed causing wars Strife and Discord for eons
  2. 208 unique cards were released as part of the main set: 6 Mane Characters, 89 Friends, 37 Events, 37 Resources, 14 Troublemakers, and 25 Problems. In terms of rarity, the main set contains 60 Common (C) cards, 61 Uncommon (U) cards, 60 Rare (R) cards, 11 Fixed (F) cards, and 17 Ultra Rare (UR) cards. There is a 1 in 11 chance for an Absolute Discord booster pack to contain an Ultra Rare card.
  3. Discord, voiced by Max Gilardi, is a giant killer monster devil who was improsoned in stone until he broke out. He was first seen by Applejack. He first appeared arriving in Ponyville, kicking and punching buildings. Twilight Sparkle and Spike watch this in horror and Twilight claimed that they had to look for the Elements of Harmony to stop him, but so far everyone's been failing to be of.
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Fluttercord is the het ship between Fluttershy and Discord from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom. At first, Discord was an evil villain bent on turning all of Equestria into his own chaotic and destructive kingdom, but Mane 6 defeated him with the magic of friendship, turning him back into stone once again. But then, fast forward to, Keep Calm and Flutter On, when Princess. Discord is a supporting character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He is Rue Day's father, one of Twilight Sparkle's close friends/brother-in-law and one of Fluttershy's best friends. Discord represents the spirit of chaos and disharmony In The Return of Harmony Part 1 and Part 2, Discord is shown to be a mischievous and manipulative trickster who effortlessly pulls pranks on others. Discord first appears as the main antagonist of The Return of Harmony Part 1 and 2. During the opening scene, he is encased as a statue in the Canterlot sculpture garden. The statue is posed in a cheerful manner in contrast to the frightened pose that Discord assumes when being turned into stone at the end of the next episode, which concludes the story arc. Cheerilee, who is taking her. Discord is a protagonist in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.He is a draconequus whose body is made of parts of different animals: Horse head, dragon tail, lion paw, eagle claw, etc. He is a mischievous trickster, though he has a heart of gold.His personality is based on Q, played by John de Lancie, who also do the voice of Discord.. Discord display powerful reality wrapping powers Discord is a spirit of chaos who first appeared as the main antagonist of the season two premiere The Return of Harmony. Primarily characterized as a nonsensical trickster, he is a Greek mythology-inspired creature called a draconequus (from the Greek words meaning dragon horse), a serpentine being with a pony's head and numerous different animal parts. It is shown in the series' distant.

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Discord (MLP) From Transformers Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. This article is about the chaos entity from My Little Pony. For the Armada Mini-Con, see Discord (Armada). Discord is like a reindeer or something from the My Little Pony continuity family. Oh, you'd like me to connect the dots for you, lead you from A to B to C, so that your puny mind could comprehend? How boring. Discord. The Fanon Wiki now has an unofficial Discord server. While the server does not pertain to the wiki specifically, anything can be discussed there, including fanon content and the wiki. There are a number of Fanon Wiki editors already present on the server, and if you want any ideas for your next fanon, or you want to collaborate with another writer, or you just want to show off your work, you. This article covers the romantic shipping between Discord and Rainbow Dash. This shipping is very unpopular but supporters of it do exist. It was likely a love/Hate relationship when it first started, as Dash was still weary and distrustful of Discord. Some fans liked to imagine that Rainbow Dash would become kinder towards him

This article covers the romantic shipping between Discord and Fluttershy. The pairing of Fluttershy and Discord has rose in popularity, and still continues to do so. Fans believe that Fluttershy could help Discord to control his anger and magical ability Discord is a free text and voice chatting software and website. It has a web version and a downloadable app version, both cost-free. Equestripedia has its own Discord server and welcomes users or lurkers to join and chat with their fellow editors. Joining allows you to: Stay in the loop on current happenings. Discuss wiki matters in real-time CHARGED The vote Discord poster made by Equestria-Election Art by Trotsworth Discord has a run-in with Surprise Truly this is disharmony on a new level Discord You may be a spirit, But I am a GOD! Discord - the Draconequus God of CHAOS! im a robotic organism Ohhhh! Discord wallpaper fan art by raindropsthedeviant. Discord and Baxter Stockman Baby Discord Discord: It's show time! Equestria.

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Nouvelle évolution dans IRIS titres, l'applicatif métier MLP. Après avoir amorcé le virage digital en avril avec la dématérialisation de votre livret titre, MLP poursuit l'amélioration de ses solutions de travail.. Accord is a variant of Discord added in Update 4.2. He is based on Discord's transformation in the Chaos Theory arc from the IDW comics. He is welcomed with 5 Stars and cannot play Mini Games or be used in Minecart. Mighty Malefactor I never really watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that much, honestly the only thing that got me hooked on the show was Discord. I really love Discord. Yet one night, while I was surfing through the Web, I came upon an add for a bootleg episode of MLP titled Discord's Revenge Discord, Master of Chaos Visit on. Card Type: Troublemaker: Power: 6: Points: 2: Traits: Troublemaker: Game Text: When this card is uncovered, each player retires a. Discord servers are organized into topic-based channels where you can collaborate, share, and just talk about your day without clogging up a group chat. Where hanging out is easy. Grab a seat in a voice channel when you're free. Friends in your server can see you're around and instantly pop in to talk without having to call. From a few to a fandom. Get a community of any size running with.

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Discord is a draconequus and one of the supporting protagonists of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series. He is from the city of Chaosville, but he mostly resides in Ponyville. Discord represents the Element of Chaos and Disharmony. Discord is jovial, fun loving and even quite charming, taking little seriously and already ready for a good laugh. You might think Celestia was being. MLPCVTFQ and J.B. Eagle's movie-spoofs of Dreamworks Animation SKG's 2001 computer-animated comedy film Shrek. It's loosely based on the 1990 fairy tale picture book with the same name by William Steig. 1 Cast 2 Scenes; 3 Movie Used; 4 Movies and TV Shows used; 5 Gallery Shrek - Discord [My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic] [I'm Sharing Him With Donovan Oliver, The Antiheroes Squad and the. Discord, General Disarray Visit on. Card Type: Friend: Power: 2: Color: Blue: Cost: 3: Play Req. None: Traits: Draconequus • Chaoti

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This wiki is all about the My Little Pony mobile game developed by Gameloft for Android, iOS, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. If anypony plays the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic game, this is the wiki for you! We have information on all of the ponies you can get on this game, and the houses they live in! Plus, much, much more MLP FiM - Discord Betrayed by Tirek Twilight's Kingdom HD. MLP FiM - Twilight vs Tirek Twilight's Kingdom HD. MLP FiM - The Mane 6 Defeat Tirek Twilight's Kingdom HD. Add a photo to this gallery. Season 5. MLP FiM - Back In The Past More Different Futures The Cutie Re-Mark HD. Add a photo to this gallery . Season 8. The Mane 6 Question Tirek for Information (School Raze) MLP FiM. Discord, Dubious Intent Visit on. Card Type: Friend: Power: 2: Color: Pink: Cost: 2: Play Req. 4 Pink: Traits: Draconequus: Game Tex

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Screwball, also sometimes known as Topsy Turvy, is a curious anomaly of a pony. She is very closely associated with Discord, who was in some way or another directly responsible for her existence in The Return of Harmony Part 2. She later makes a cameo in the official My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic book series by IDW, where she scares some cats, showing that she remains a curious. Consultez la traduction allemand-anglais de discord dans le dictionnaire PONS qui inclut un entraîneur de vocabulaire, les tableaux de conjugaison et les prononciations Public Discord Server Listing - Find discord servers to join and chat, or list your discord server. Anime, gaming, and many other categories are available

My Little Pony Collectible Card Game Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Site DisneyTrivia EndgameHonest GalaxyQuest EndgameHonest GalaxyQues Daddy Discord is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan song created by Internet music artist Sand Josieph. Iy features a duet between Discord and his (non canon) daughter Screwball where they discuss about bringing back chaos to Equestria together. The song was performed by Lanvoran as..

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I'd say SCP-682 would win, as the beast itself can be way more destructive than Discord. Sure Discord has the greater edge of omnipotence, as he states he can do whatever he want Discord was a fine boy, and probaly would play the role of an average citizen if he was not dealt a bad hand. When he was a child, he was the offspring of a farm man and a very religous woman. After being in heavy debt to the local thugs, Discord's father and mother had no choice but to seek help. Eventually, discords mother, a devil worshiper (Hah, I said religous, not expecting that kind. Discord (206-2013) is the main antagonist of the PONY.MOV series. He was a huge killer Draconequus who was imprisoned in stone until he broke out. He was also the son of Appelox first seen by Jappleack. Discord first appeared, walking over to Ponyville, and began destroying everything. Twilight Sparkle and Spike saw this over the horizon, and Twilight realized that they needed to look for. The Chest of Harmony is first seen in Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2 after emerging from the Tree of Harmony. The chest requires six keys to open. It is also called the Tree of Harmony chest in some promotional material. When the Tree of Harmony regains its magic, a flower sprouts at its roots. The flower blooms to reveal a chest with six locks. Princess Celestia discloses that she does. Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki! is a My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan fiction written by Forever 44[1] of Fimfiction.net. Going to a costume convention as Discord, and turned into the Elements of Disharmony in transit. Loki's story begins during Discord's escape after he is found in the vault as his elements. After establishing himself as a Unicorn called Best Seller, he establish.

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The Windigos are recurring antagonists of the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. According to Clover the Clever (the character Twilight Sparkle plays in the Hearth's Warming Eve play), Windigos are malevolent spirits that feed off of the negative friction between ponies. Long ago, the feud between unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies gave Windigos great power, which they use to turn the. Fluttershy, voiced by Max Gilardi, is a pegasus who is proved to be very timid and shy, but is really a psychopathic serial killer. As a sign of foreshadowing, her cutie mark consists of a bloody dagger. Fluttershy first appeared watching Applejack eating a lot of apples with her friends saying, Hey, hey, hey! This I gotta see. She and the others also witnessed Applejack going into a coma. Making Discord Chaotic Again! (Discordant Harmony) MLP FiM HD (Discordant Harmony) MLP FiM HD Fluttershy's Characters Snooty, Hipster and Goth (Fake It 'Til You Make It) MLP FiM H Gallus' Confession: The Blue Moon Festival (The Hearth's Warming Club) | MLP: FiM [HD] - Duration: 5:04. Letupita725HD★ 1,883,548 view Don't forget to comment! OC Faces: http://riquis101.deviantart.com OC Faces Remaster: http://mattwilson83.deviantart.com Voice Actors: Discord: Kevin Urb..

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Discord: 11 600 . 240 . Chaos: N/A N/A DJ Pon-3: 16 20,400 . Free . Gem . 45 . DJ Booth: 2h 15m (135m) 4 . Doctor Pony: N/A Limited Time Golden Horseshoe Hotel Pony. 600 ? The Hearthbreak Hotel: Dr. Caballeron: N/A Stranger than Fanfiction Mega Event Community Reward(First Prize) 500 ? Caballeron's Camp: 8h (480m) 12 . Dr. Hooves: 1 30 . Dr. Hooves's House: 30m 1 . Dr. Fauna : N/A 500 ? Homey. Entertainment. Discord, a 1933 British drama; Discord (My Little Pony), a television characterDiscord, or its title track, by Bomb Factory; Discord, an album by Ryuichi Sakamoto; Discord, an album by Stewart Walker Discord, a 2006 single by The Fire Engines Fukyōwaon (不協和音, Discord), a 2017 single by Keyakizaka46 Places. Discord, Iowa, a community in the United State Discord is the spirit of Disharmony and Chaos and a main antagonist, he is a mischievous, manipulative trickster who uses powerful magic and illusions to alter reality and control others. FANDOM. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. MLP RP Wiki. 82 Pages. Add new page. RP Locations. Discord (voiced by John de Lancie) is the spirit of chaos and disharmony who once ruled Equestria with chaotic power until he was turned into stone by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna with the Elements of Harmony. He returned many years later, but was later defeated by Twilight Sparkle and her friends. Sometime later, he was brought back under the request of Princess Celestia who wanted to.

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Discord's Peak is the second part of the 10th episode in season 1 of My Little Pony: Pony Life. 1 Synopsis 2 Characters 3 Plot 4 Broadcast 4.1 Title in other languages 5 Trivia 6 Gallery 7 References Fluttershy encourages Discord to join her Trail Trotters troop, but her chaotic friend insists on going solo.1 Discord For the next Trail Trotters badge, Fluttershy organizes a group hike up. Discord is a male draconequus and former antagonist introduced in the season two premiere. Princess Celestia explains that Discord is the spirit of chaos and disharmony who once ruled over Equestria in a state of unrest and unhappiness, until she and Princess Luna used the Elements of Harmony to imprison him in stone. However, after the sisters lost their connection to the Elements, the spell.

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Discord is a male Draconequus and actually a reformed antagonist introduced in the 2nd season premiere as villain in MLP:FiM. He's the Master of Chaos and disharmony who once ruled over Equestria in a state of unrest and unhappiness. Discord faced agaisnt Celestia and Luna, and they used the Elements of Harmony to imprison him in stone. Since the Princess Celestia ordered Mane 6 to release. Aqua: And Discord, the reality tampering fusion creature of My Little Pony. I'm Aqua, she's Octoling, and it's our job to analyse their weapons, armor and skills to see who would win a Death Battle. Enerjak Discord Interlude. Thoughts? Rooting and Betting Enerjak 5 Rooting and Betting Discord 3 Rooting Discord, Betting Enerjak 1 Rooting Enerjak, Betting Discord 3 The poll was created at 20:01. Thorax (MLP) Edit. History Talk (0) Share Trixie, and Discord to save Equestria from changeling invasion. Here, his wings have become coated in crystal glitter. In Part 2, Thorax is forced to confront his doubts about returning to the kingdom where he was born, and he guides his allies into the Changeling Kingdom when the properties of Queen Chrysalis' throne disables their magic. Near the. Aku vs Discord is a what if Death Battle, and the second season premiere of QuasimodoBellringer's Death Battles and the fourteenth overall. It stars Aku from Samurai Jack alongside Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Darkness and chaos comes in many forms, and these are but two of.. Throne of Chaos is a house in Ponyville where Discord and Accord live. It consists of two floating islands, one with an upside-down house, and Discord's throne on the ground. Trivia Close to Discord's throne are a pair of 3D glasses, painting equipment and a Fluttershy portrait

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The Discord parasite has been working hard to keep spreading to infect healthy individuals. I'm gonna go listen to some music and enjoy this wonderful feeling I'm having right now. October 9th, 2014 . My earthworm collection is looking pretty good, I named each and every one of them and memorized the entire map of the world and the types of worms that live in different places... Heh.. My wife. Понравилось видео ставь лайк и подписывайся на мой канал! The Song - SAY GOODBYE SO GOOD-Heavy Hitters Music: Performer ( author ) - Emily Jaye. Discord is the mischievous Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony, and a recurring character in the My Little Pony: IDW Comic series. Once a villain to the ponies of Equestria, Discord has since reformed and uses his powers for good and goes on many adventures with the other members of the Mane 6. Tier.. Discord is a multi-platform online text and voice chat service. Discord allows users across the world to text chat in real-time, similar to on-wiki Chat and IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Unlike Wiki Chat or IRC, Discord also allows users to transmit audio in real-time. Voice chat is especially popular with gamers, and Discord is designed to run alongside games and has an in-game overlay interface.

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Princess Rue Day is a young female alicorn and is the central main protagonist and the titular character of The Magiv of Rue Day. She is the daughter of Greenie Bean and Discord, niece of Twilight Sparkle, Shining Armor, and Cadence, cousin of Princess Skyla and Flurry Heart and adoptive cousin of and Nyx, and the great-niece of Princesses Celestia and Luna. She represents the hidden seventh. Ten shipping zyskał dużą sławę z odcinka MLP Tylko Spokojnie Fluttershy gdy to Fluttershy chciała dać Discordowi jeszcze jedną szansę. [[Kategoria:* O Discordzie]duppppppaaaa Discord is a script which allows you to integrate a custom Discord widget to your wiki for the sidebar, or for template use. All the configuration for the sidebar widget for the footer text, heading, join message, theme, and role separation are stored on separate pages under the MediaWiki:Custom-Discord- prefix. Only admins are allowed to edit these, so only they can customize how the sidebar.

First of many MLP villain to be redeemed Wiz: Long ago, Discord was the original ruler of Equestria, tormenting its inhabitants with a constant barrage of chaos and calamity. Boomstick: That all came to an end however when the Alicorns Celestia and Luna used the aforementioned Elements of Harmony to imprison him in a statue of stone during his tryout for a musical, or as it would seem. Wiz. This article covers the romantic pairing between Marble Pie, Discord, and Party Favor. This pairing is literally very new and doesn't have any fan work as of yet

The Bridge: A Godzilla-MLP Crossover | My Little Pony FanPrincess Luna | My Little Pony Fan Labor Wiki | FandomSonic: Chaos in Equestria | My Little Pony Fan Labor WikiShining Armor ( DBZ X MLP Crossover ) | Joke Battles WikiaSpike/Sweetie Belle | My Little Pony Friendship is MagicMy Little Pony Fan Labor Wiki:Workshop/YoorPorick'sMy Faithful Student | My Little Pony Fan Labor Wiki

Unlike many communities, which have subreddits and several social media pages, Discord is the hub of the EaW community and development and socialising is performed there. 1 Discord Roles 1.1 Development Roles 1.2 Moderation Roles 1.3 Community Roles 1.4 Utility Roles 1.5 Flavour Roles 2 Discord Channels 2.1 News 2.2 Mane 2.3 All Ponies Front 2.4 Community 2.5 Memes 2.6 Chill Talks 2.7 Weekly. This article covers the romantic shipping between Discord and Princess Celestia. Discord being paired with Celestia is very popular in parts of the fandom. Many believe that they were formerly lovers, until Discord was turned to stone. Stories involve Celestia being sorry for turning him into stone and wanting to be with him again I CAN be tough. I have a dark side. Fluttershy Fluttershy is a female pegasus pony and one of the main characters of My Little Pony: Pony Life. She is voiced by Andrea Libman.1 1 Personality 2 Physical Appearance 3 Relationships 4 Appearances 5 Trivia 6 Gallery 7 References Fluttershy is meek, shy, timid, and kind. She cares for animals that are every species, and loves her friends. In. Snowdrop is a fan-made animated short based on My Little Pony Friendship is Magic by Silly Filly Studios. It is written by Meredith Sims, and directed by Meredith Sims and Marshal'Zedrin' Watson. Set during the time between Discord's reign and Princess Luna's transformation into Nightmare Moon, it tells the story of a young, blind filly named Snowdrop who makes a discovery that offers. MLP Displaced Wikia. 63 Pages. Add new page. Wiki Content. Recently Changed Pages. MLP Displaced Wikia; The Lore; The Dungeon Master of Equestria; A Golden Drive Through Equestria; Chaos is Displaced. The Tale of Loki! Delta Guardian; Zinnia; Stories. The Awakening of a Tactician ; For Glory! For Equus! For Epicness! Gravity of the Situation; Headless, not Heartless; Hooves of Ice; I Will Hunt. Even if you hate MLP, you'll still find this a good song

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